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My goal is to treat each customers car like it were my own car. I suggest repairs that I would do if the car were mine. If it's a high mileage vehicle I would change the transmission fluid and filter, powers steering fluid and brake fluid as well as any fluid in the car. Dirty fluid will cause a component to fail early like the master or slave cylinders for the brakes, the rack for the power steering all expensive to repair. Cooling system failure can cost several thousands to repair what would have cost $120 to $160 to flush, change the hoses, radiator cap and thermostat.

The timing belt can cause catastrophic damage to the engine, if it's changed at regular intervals along with the water pump it can save a breakdown and a loan to repair the car....

All prices are based on visible damage and/or normal estimate of repair. In some cases additional parts and labor will be required to properly complete the repair. Use of aftermarket parts, not O.E.M. (factory) are sometimes called for by the insurance companies, please check with your company to clarify this issue. Our best customers let us know when there might be a problem or an issue that needs clarification, please help us do our best... Aloha, Bart McCollough